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Premium Silicone Pet Feeding Mat

  • Non-toxic: PetArtKingdom's Pet Food Mat is toxic-free, completely safe for your pet.

    Flexible FDA-grade silicone is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and BPA-free with no open pores to harbor bacteria and germs.

    100 Percent Waterproof for Ultimate Floor Protection: worry less about warped floors; the thick silicone is 100 percent waterproof to help prevent water from reaching your floors and causing potential damage.

    No Leak Design: The raised outer lip is particularly useful for containing liquids. Feeding mat features ultra thick raised edges that help to contain food and water that’s been spilled while eating; take the stress out of mealtime no matter how messy an eater your pet is.

    Bowls, Raised Feeders and Fountains: the pet mat is easy to use for a variety of pets; place under cat fountains to collect splashes, works well with raised feeders, also can be used under litter boxes to help prevent mess.


    Silicone Material: The high-quality silicone is heat resistant so it's safe to stay in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The anti-slip silicone material also won't skid across the floor at meal times and the bowls stay still when your pet enjoys his feeding time.